FREE Compliance Training for Welsh Landlords

Welcome to The Landlord Community, and to our first course! 

Well done for taking this all-important first step. We all know how unnecessarily complicated and overwhelming the Renting Homes Act seems – but that’s why we are here, to make a change and do things better.  

Landlord training shouldn’t have to be time-consuming and inconvenient.

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Estimated Time: 2 days


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Hannah McCartan Hannah McCartan Author

RHW Free Compliance Training


What Others Have Said

Great Stuff!
By: Michael Sosner

Hannah makes it all sound gratifyingly simple and straightforward. Of course, the contract at the end that the written statement is drawn from was drawn up by the Japanese composer Hashamessa, and deserves the wooden spoon award! So well done to Hannah and James for pulling a universal template out of the hat. I'm recommending to every confused landlord I know, that they subscribe to the videos and course.