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The Written Statement

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If you had a tenancy on 1st December 2022, you needed to serve a Written Statement to your contract-holders (tenants) by 1st June 2023. If you have a substitute contract you still have until the 14th June 2023.

Failing to provide a ‘complete’ Written Statement, (or not providing one at all) could mean you have to pay your Contract Holder’s (tenants) 2 months’ rent back!

You can download a Model Written Statement for free on The Welsh Assembly Government website – but be warned – you will need to go through the document line by line and compare it with your previous tenancy contract to make sure everything matches up and that none of your additional clauses are lost.

Save up to 8 hours with our Universal Written Statement course, which also comes with

It can take anywhere up to 8 HOURS to make sure you have a ‘complete’ Written Statement. 


Our Universal Written Statement can be completed in just 15 minutes …


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This course will cover:

A brief recap on what written statements
Why you need to issue one to your existing contract holder, to convert the tenancy
When you need to issue it by
Download: The Universal Written Statement
Download: How-to guide, to walk you through the process
Download: Action checklist, so you don't miss anything
Download: Guide for Contract Holders - Renting a home in Wales

Why this isn't just another boring course

The point of this course is to clearly explain how the new laws affect you and what actions you can to take today to make sure you’re up to date and your tenancies still are good and legal. 

No nonsense, no jargon, no law degree required – just the basic, honest facts.

There’s a deadline for issuing the written statement to convert your tenancies, so we’ll give you the document you need and show you how to use it too. 

Too many courses give you the theory but don’t tell you what to do with it – what good is that?! 


What a members have to say about the Landlord Community

After completing the course I felt the need to write to thank you. I cannot believe how easy, my stress levels were through the roof dealing with the required Written statement. Not any longer and took no time at all. I wish I had done it a lot sooner.
Sheila Bedwell
I would highly recommend the Universal Written Statement, having procrastinated for months I took the plunge and it is as easy as Hannah said . So thank you Hannah I am a very relieved and grateful landlord.
Janet Adams
Training for ALL Welsh Landlords

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If you had a tenancy on 1st December 2022, you need to serve a Written Statement to your contract-holders (tenants) by 1st June 2023
This course covers the following:
Save up to 8 hours with our Universal Written Statement course, which also comes with:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not yet! But we are working towards this. In the meantime, this training has been planned to be supporting existing RSW courses and helping Landlords impiment the changes.

If you have a rental property in Wales, this course is for you. It doesn’t matter whether you yourself live in Wales.

On 1st December 2022, the Welsh Government introduced the Renting Homes Act 2016. This has changed everything we do as landlords, and introduced some new responsibilities too. The penalties for non-compliance are likely to be high so we’d really recommend reading up – or signing up for this course!

Once you have signed up you can access the course as many times as you like, but the written statement needs to be with your tenants before 31st May 2023. Once this date passes it may be too late to issue the written statement.

Yes! The ‘Universal Written Statement’ has been developed by Training for Professionals Online ltd, who have spent many hours making sure it works.

No – just a one time payment covers you for as many properties you have in your portfolio. We just ask, please don’t share it around as we have spent a lot of time and effort getting this to you at such a small fee.

We can’t give a definite answer for this, however it has been said that to complete a Written Statement on your own can take anywhere up to 8 hours, depending on the complexity of your AST. Our Universal Written Statements only need you to input a few details and should take less than 15 minutes!

If you download the Written Statement ‘pack’, and then realise its not for you, that’s fine. Just confirm a few things (eg. You’re not a landlord, you don’t have property in Wales, so this is no use to you/you downloaded by mistake) and we’ll offer a full money back guarantee.

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